do it for the ladies.

i've noticed a trend in the blog world...women of color are coming out and speaking their minds! whether it be a rant about some horrible day to sharing a piece of culture or uplifting our women, we're coming out of the woodworks. this is definitely something positive and should be kept up. hopefully more women of color will come out and let people know that we have a voice!! here are some of my favorites:

expressions of a buppie. 4 beautiful young ladies share their world. these buppies (short for black urban professionals) share "what it's like to be a 20-something female navigating her way through life's maze and giving her two cents...sometimes its random, sometimes funny, but always real."

goddesses rising. 7 women from different walks of life come together with one important goal in mind: upliftment. they address social issues, sexuality, and even delve into more personal stories. in reading it, you can't help but think "i was just saying that!" or "mmhmm". feels just like a saturday with your girlfriends...empowering indeed.

she shootin. though the blog hasnt been updated for months, i still really admire the women of She Shootin. A "photography collective of five image-makers from brooklyn", the ladies really have made an impact. to contact them, you can email sheshootin@yahoo.com.

CoolCruelWorld. this blog is more along the lines of a Bossip, YBF, or ConcreteLoop. Just daily media blastings, but i find it hilarious! The site is not as saturated as the more popular ones, so I find it much more interesting to read...

herfection. though the site is now www.herfection.com, it used to be a blog! lol herfection is more my speed, dealing with the mainstream media but also the underground scene. absolutely adore this site, and it's cute!

completely off topic (though not really), Rock for Young Women will be taking place at The Knitting Factory on June 14th. the event features performances from female rockers and some spoken word. this being the second annual show, i'm hoping its as great as last year's (i heard it was amazing!). 

rock on ladies. rock on.

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