new music vids.

busta rhymes premiered two HOOOOT videos on 106 & park last night. CLASSIC busta. this dude has aged like fine wine and it has NOT STOPPED HIM. he's a monster, and this proves it. 

rihanna's new song, obviously produced by stargate (HAPPY IZZY) and written by ne-yo (im so tired of hearing the hand clap!!) "take a bow" has a video. my favorite lyric: "you're so ugly when you cry" lol you have to love it. here's the link...

also, mickey factz "rockin and rollin" popped up on www.herfection.com. has craaazy underground cameos from kidz in the hall, cool kids, and the other members of gfc. they are the future i say, the future!!! 

annie lebovitz.

miley cyrus recently did a shoot for vanity fair with annie lebovitz. lebovitz, a ground-breaking, world reknown photographer, and cyrus have been getting alot of slack for the shoot. most feel the picture is skanky and tasteless. i personally think it's annie's free will. and cyrus' parents were at the shoot and are comfortable with the picture, so what is really the issue here?

i think everyone is waiting for cyrus to mess up. just like they're still waiting for hillary duff to mess up. not everyone is britney spears, america.

lebovitz was also involved in some drama with her last cover shoot for vogue magazine, with lebron james and gisele - some even pinned her as a racist. and now with this shoot, she is a lesbian pedophile? please. lebovitz has been known for her racy shots, from rolling stone (she did the cover of yoko ono and john lennon) and other vanity fair shoots (demi moore pregnant and naked). being a photographer (somewhat lol), i really look up to lebovitz. she is a woman who takes chances and is no holds barred. this shoot was very tasteful, and i think people are just looking for things to pick at. 

my question is, how is everyone in uproar about miley cyrus, but completely okay with the cast of gossip girls practically naked on the cover of new york magazine? think about it...



concert updates.

if you missed the first set of show listings, hit a couple of postings from earlier this month...

just recently found out alicia keys is hitting the road. she'll be at MSG on june 18th. get tix here.

dwele will be at sob's on june 23rd. tix here.

raheem devaughn and chrisette michelle will be at hammerstein on june 10th. tix here.

central park summerstage posted their annual summer lineup. a few people to hit rumsey this summer are kid sister, afrika bambaataa, santogold (see i'm a creator! lol), and video music box 25th anniversary. check the lineup here.

raekwon and cappadonna from wu-tang clan will be at bb king's on june 19th. (thats for you yellow rebel!) tix here. 

boyz II men will also be at bb king's july 15 & 16th. tix here. 

immortal technique will be at highline ballroom june 24 (there's another for ya yellowrebel...) tix here

also at highline ballroom...arrested development on july 17 and slick rick with kidz in the hall on july 25. 

man, what ever happened to hot 97's summer jam? that used to be soooo hot! fell off like micheal jackson's nose i guess...

more show updates as i get them...


sean bell.

in the wake of the sean bell trial, it's important to ask ourselves what our lives are really worth. the three police officers acquitted of all charges for the young man's murder really prove to us what the justice system is really all about.

in sitting and watching cnn today, i was suprised by a couple things. the judge dismissed the officers because the witnesses testimonies were not cohesive...yet the judge isnt realizing a man lost his life. dont dismiss the officers because of the witnesses, put them in jail for murdering someone...

i was also disgusted by the officers speeches right after leaving the courtroom. they all thanked God. number one, this is not an awards show. number two, how dare you thank the Lord after you committed a murder and got away with it. 

...anywho, in the midst of all this i must say...college students/post grads are not as oblivious as some may think. whether it be sean bell or politics or virginia tech, we have a voice. and in looking around on facebook etc, it is very apparent that we have more to say than most give us credit for. pay attention.

a buddy of mine, mickey factz (lol i big him up alot huh?), made a song in the wake of sean bell's murder back in january 07. he took on the perspective of mr. bell. it's very insightful and still, sadly, relevant. here's a link:

the family and advocates for the bell family are going to be seeking immediate justice in this case. i hope the officers don't think theyre getting off that easy...

my condolences and heart go out to the family and friends of sean bell. 


mickey factz x wednesday love.

mr. mickey factz dropped another mixtape, "the leak: volume 1"...this guy is on his super grind. gotta respect it...this mixtape features theophilus london (love that guy), jesse boykins III, naledge of kidz in the hall, j.a.m.e.s. watts, nakim, curtis santiago, mikey mike and peter hadar (phew, say all those three times fast lol). 

also, check him in the new issue of SPIN magazine (may 2008), wooooo. its getting crazy man.

nahright.com posted the link to the download. have a listen here...

blog "wednesday love" also launched (shout to cee!). check it out here...still under construction, but so far so good. more on wednesday love later days...

cyber party in your pants.

ok sooooo, i came across these jeans (hi trish!!). not sure if this is real or not...

if theyre real, im disgusted. if theyre not, im mad someone took enough time to make them lol.

if you've ever wanted to type and masturbate at the same time, now's your time to shine! haha


teenage love affair.

alicia keys' new video, "teenage love affair", premiered this morning on BET. In love with it, especially because of the School Daze reference! And APhiA's A-Team plays GPhiG (shout out to rich! lol)...


obamarama x diddy.

as you guys should know by now, there is a phenom sweeping the nation...BABIES4OBAMA. thats right! these babies know what the deal is...if only they could vote lol. here are what a few of the bambinos have to say...

also, if you havent checked it out already...diddy is at it again. with a documentary on mtv named "if i were king", diddy takes viewers on a mind-blowing journey to fashion week. from breaking barriers with an all male runway cast to facing the challenge of becoming high fashion, this was one of the most interesting documentaries i've seen. you also get insight into him as a person....i really enjoyed this one. (honestly, i really think he should just pitch a whole merger/acquisition deal with mtv already. he's taking over!)



i think i had something important to say. i had intentions of posting something witty and clever and informative and all those other things. then i received this...(hi izzy!! lol)

Failed Ideas in Hip-Hop 2 from jeff on Vimeo.

then i dropped dead and forgot everything that happened in my life before this moment.

anyone that can do soulja boyz II men deserves a very big round of applause. kudos to er and jrosenthal lol aww man that really complete my life.


music x nyc.

springtime is here, and you know what that means...

::drumroll please::

music mania in nyc!! for those who don't know, springtime is when every concert imagineable hits new york city. from sold out shows at the garden to free concerts at central park...you name it, we got it. i got wind of a few upcoming joints...

the cool kids and my buddy mickey factz at sob's 4.6.08
joell ortiz at sob's a couple days after...
lupe fiasco...yes touche lupe, will be at sob's on 5.14.08
sadly, tpain will be at nokia theater 4.23.08
BAD BOY BABY!!! day 26, danity kane, and donnie (you know im there!!) nokia theater 5.22.08
feist at hammerstein 4.29 and 4.30
N-E-G Presents "connect, politic, ditto" (shout out to Loj!) 4.11 at the knitting factory
erykah badu feat. the roots at radio city music hall (SHEESH!!) 05.09
imani uzuri's her holy water: rock opera at apollo 4.04 and 4.05

and of course you have your kanye's and jay-z's. more to come, definitely!

dag. google got em.

happy april fools day!!

so today i was greeted by a lovely friend of mine (hey izzy!) with a nice surprise...

"OMG! google has customized time stamps!!"

we get excited. very excited. this is finally our way of getting over on The Man..."my, whatever do you mean? of course i got that assignment in on time!"...yes. we finally won. this was it.

...until i mentioned it to my boyfriend and he brought to my attention that the slimey bums at gmail do this every year.

HOW RUDE!!! getting people's hopes up. not nice gmail!...[i still love you though. gtalk is number one!]...but im still mad.

on to bigger and better news...the funky spunkies over at heatherette launched a new line with MAC Cosmetics last week. way too excited about that. check that out...