Best and Worst of the '06

welp i figured i'd go on ahead and do some of the best and worst of the '06...

some of my favorite albums this year....

"Kelis Was Here" -- Kelis: Kelis, by far, is one of the dopest women out there. this album is exemplary of her "who cares" attitude. i really really love it.

"As Cruel as School Children" -- Gym Class Heroes: i love love LOVE this band. their combo of hip-hop and rock really amazes me. and of course, i [heart] the lead vocalist travis :)

"In Search of the N.E.R.D." -- Mickey Factz: now this is not a biased choice lol. this guy is super talented. lyrically and conceptually mickey really puts it down. if ya dont know, now ya know.

"Food and Liqour" -- Lupe Fiasco: even tho his album sales went *kaput*, i still really like this album. lupe is a breath of fresh air forreal, not really caring how you feel about him or what you have to say. hes a great businessman, and he knows what he's talking about. kudos!

"The Evolution of Robin Thicke" -- Robin Thicke: oh where do i begin...this album is simply amazing. i definitely throw it on when im trying to get into a certain mood lol. very soulful cat, a step above justin timberlake lol. i really enjoyed this album.

"IdleWild Soundtrack" -- Outkast: once again, outkast held it down. this album is so versatile, they really just know how to put good stuff together. and any album that has tracks like "hollywood divorce" definitely deserves kudos.

"The King" -- TI: duh. this is a given. this album was really good. and no im not bandwagon hopping lol. i honestly didnt like TI until i saw ATL and thats what made me get his album. i bang it when wanna feel real cool lol.

"Futuresex/Lovesound" -- Justin Timberlake: also, another given. any album that Timbaland produces is hot fiyah. It was just wat i expected from Justin Timberlake. good stuff.

"Continuum" -- John Mayer: i dont care what anyone says, i love john mayer. and continuum is a great album. john mayer delivers...as always. this guy is so spunky, i just wanna hug him lol

"Public Warning" -- Lady Sovereign: this bitch is crazy! but that's why you gotta love her lol. she will spit in your face and just not care. i respect this young woman's g.

"Once Again" -- John Legend: A-MA-ZING...of course, you wouldnt expect anything less from this man. upon first listen, the album kinda had an elevator music feel to it, but i fell in love with it. very sultry, very john. love it love it love it.

and now...some of the worst shit to happen to 2006:
THE FRESH PRINCE HAT: lord why oh why. smh. this hat killed nyc fashion this summer and had the poor misguided youth believing that they were cool. damn shame this hat was. *sigh* to that shit forreal. SEEING BRITNEY SPEARS VAGINA: that shit was just unfortunate as hell. dont know why it happened...or why this broad is going commando to a club knowing the paparazzi loves her ass. i just dont know. im traumatized though. DIDDYS "PRESS PLAY" ALBUM: now some argue with me and tell me this album is not that bad...i dont know what the hell yall are listening to, but i cant stomach it. the album would actually be pretty good...minus diddy. BEING UNIQUE: everyone tried to be different and ended up being the same. no one has their own identity anymore. our generation has yet to define itself, we're just revamping old styles and ways of living. interesting to say the least...


twenty schmwenty

so yesterday was my birthday... *happy birthday to me*

the golden birthday eh? something about the age twenty makes me wanna go out and do something lol. i feel obligated to do something major and life changing. something about not having "teen" at the end of your age adds this load of responsibility and the weight of the world on your shoulders...in my eyes anyway. so yeah, we'll see what 2007 holds for me. hopefully 20 is a hell of alot better than 19...

btw, gym class heroes at webster hall february 16th. yeeeeeeeeeah!!



you CAN trust a big butt and a smile.


a re-rebirth?

seeing as how my school is in harlem (city college stand up! lol), i usually end up venturing around aimlessly after class. and in my last few ventures i've found some interesting things...

i ran into carol's daughter, a black owned version of bath and body works to me. everything's natural and handmade, and smells waaaay too good. from lotions and scrubs to conditioners and bath oils, carol's daughter has got everything. check it out...then i ran across a placed called the brownstone. the brownstone is *drumroll please* a brownstone *tada*. lol nah seriously its this brownstone with about three levels that hosts a vintage clothing spot, a hair salon, a cafe and a wedding boutique. its quaint and amazing. i also found this small mini-mall that is home to a cafe, a beauty boutique (that is along the lines of carol's daughter...black soaps, shea butters, etc etc), a spa, and home goods. oh and a florist lol. also ran across something like an african-american acting school. and there's a bunch of REALLY nice restaurants tucked into nooks and crannies and underneath layers of scaffoldings (wimps is one of my faves!). there's also little lounges here and there. and while walking around 135th and lenox on a ravenous search for dinner lol, i ran across a gaming lounge - equipped with leather seating, computers with internet, different consoles, flat screens, dim lights and hospitable hosts. there's alot of realty spots too, looking to revamp and sell all the property back at ridiculous prices lol.

so wandering around this neighborhood, i asked myself if this was a re-rebirth of harlem. and its seeming so. besides the huge commercial stores on 125th, there seems to be an emergence of substantial black-owned stores and establishments. which is cool cuz im always down for supporting! so the next time you have some free time and an unlimited metrocard, roll through harlem and see what you find...i promise you wont regret it. i didnt!

PS: im gonna do my best to get the names, addresses, and possible websites for these places so you can check them out ::wink::



so in efforts to try and procrastinate, i've created a new blog. y blogger? cuz xanga's not as cool. so get ready, because im gonna be bloggin til i cant blog anymore lol. my damn fingers are gonna fall off from excessive bloggage. lets go!


so i just watched an episode of the real world denver, where the "n word" was thrown around. ::sigh:: this happening a couple weeks after kramer spazzes out at the laugh factory in la. apparently, there must've been a white power convention that we missed the memo about, because people are goin off their rocker man. white people have been publicly (i stress publicly because i know it happens behind closed doors) using the word nigger with the intent of hurting feelings, almost on some pre-"give us us free" shit. whats goin on?!

and having a conversation with a friend earlier this week, he threw around the notion of a second civil war? is that what we're coming to america?! no affirmative action, institutional racism...shit, even blatant racism! we better start buckin up black america, the man is about to stick it to us. hard.

i wonder how its gonna go down the second time around.