this is me.

the only thing constant in the world is change
thats why today i take life as it comes. -- "growth" by india.irie

kind of sums up how im feeling right now.

a little overwhelmed but loving everything that i'm doing. im thankful for it all.


sappy sappness.

so today is it. its valentines day. and though we're all snowed and iced in, take this time to get to know your partner. cuddle, spoon, snuggle. drink hot cocoa, watch movies. enjoy one another. genuinely.

and for those without valentines of the opposite sex, its all good. enjoy and appreciate your friends. have a dinner party. play drinking games. watch waiting to exhale lol. enjoy one another. genuinely.

personally i have classes all day, so my day is kinda shot to hell. but its all bueno! everyday is like valentines day with him. so missing one day, i really cant complain.

be blessed. spread love. kissy kissy muah muah yadda yadda LOL enjoy it man! it only comes once a year. i'll spare you guys the sappy sap.



Long time no blog...

Welp, i've been busy with school and stuff. life happens.

on another note...almost two weeks into february and it seems that america has forgotten that it is Black history month. aside from a couple facts on the bottom of my screen on mtv2 and terrence j saying on 106 & park "its black history month, so im not paying my bills", i would have definitely missed the whole black history month thing. have we just gotten lazy and said "to hell with it. we're not going to celebrate"? im confused. i myself am guilty. we need to get it together people!