Who Writes This Shit?!

OK so i was looking for the Rocawear ads (just because i like them lol) and i run across a story. a story about Victoria Beckham (Posh Spice) stripped down to her undies and heels for a current Rocawear ad. Good look i suppose, if thats what youre into. but one thing that stuck out to me was, and i quote...

"With its baggy tracksuits and trainers, [Rocawear] is usually associated with the drugs and violence world of gangsta rap. However, the association will benefit both parties. While Posh will help give the label respectability, her profile will be raised by her link to the R&B superstars."

if you want to see it for yourself, go to here

so what im trying to figure out is when did Rocawear become associated with drugs and gangsta rap yadda yadda. now i know RocaFella isnt a company full of angels, but when i think Rocawear i dont wanna duck for cover. i dont know, maybe im wrong. maybe you guys can tell me different. and how will she be giving the label respectability? because she's white? Rocawear also has fitted clothing. and last time i checked, Rocafella wasnt an R&B label...

the author of this artile (Tariq Tahir) needs to be tripped down a flight of stairs. seriously. maybe it'll knock some sense into him. and a sense of good journalism too. smh.


the night vh1 ruined my life.

i have a serious bone to pick with vh1.

now, i respect vh1. i really do. the channel has transformed itself from that drab station you skipped over to find mtv, to the channel you stop at before you turn to watch parental control lol. it has just enough "celebreality" to attract younger viewers, but plays amazing music to keep its former audience. vh1's dynamic works. but hot dammit vh1, your monday nights are not a good look.

i really dont know where to begin.

ok, lets take a look at "i love new york"....lets face it. new york is a bitch. the bitch everyone loves to hate and hates to love. for someone with so much spunk, attitude and charisma, she really has NO guys to choose from. vh1's producers did a HORRIBLY shitty job. one dude has a wack ass perm, one's a borderline homosexual, one's ghetto as all hell, and the rest just suck. theyre not even memorable enough for me to write about. EVERY contestant on that show is lame...and WHY do they insist on bringing her horrid mama on the show?! now new york isnt that easy to look at, but dammit! her mama makes it hard for me to focus. im so stuck on staring at the woman trying to figure out if she's really female, i lose focus on the rest of the show. thats really not fair vh1. youre not being considerate to your viewers.

the best thing about the show?...."LOVE ME MORE BITCHES!!!" lmao. oh boy.

now...::sigh::...the white rapper show.


number one. they could have come up with a better name. number two. most of the rappers suck. and dont get it twisted, im no one's mc, but come ON now. really. stop. number three. so placing a bunch of white "rappers" in some shaggy broke down abandoned spot in the south bronx makes them hip hop? making them sleep in bunk beds and placing a roach in the bathroom exposes them to a "struggle"? im just confused by the whole approach. i mean i guess i get it. but its like, the execution is weird. its forced to me. like "here, meet grandmaster flash", "here, sit in this icebox thats outside of every bodega in the bronx", "here, wear these chucks"...yeeeah NOW youre hip hop! shits stupid to me. number four. the host's excessive use of "aiight" drives me up the goddamn wall. number five. having random people from the south bronx judge you rap does NOT mean youre a good rapper. just because someone's from the south bronx does not make them a hip-hop expert. trust me, i grew up there lol. if youre going to have a hip hop show, have old school hip-hop artists critique. hell, even some professionals in the field that know what theyre talking about. not pookie from up the block. thats just my opinion though...number six. the n-word. not even gonna go into it, because we're all intelligent enough to figure out what im going to say. but having the chick walk around with the "weight of the n-word" on her shoulders was a good concept. and i admit, she was effected. but i think she was crying more because of the crick in her neck as opposed to really feeling bad about her offensiveness lol. i think she was more embarassed that she was looking doofy than being embarassed about using the word the way she did. who knows....i think the show was a good concept, like something you think up on the toilet. but to actually make a show out of it? ehhhh, you be the judge.


is it possible...

is it possible after studying a certain area for 4 years (or for those that didnt go to college, working in an area for a while) to approach things objectively? like i personally am a media major, so everytime i address something, its from a media/communications standpoint. and i have pre-med friends who look at everything from a medical standpoint, and pre-law friends who only state facts. is it possible to approach situations without being influenced by your education/experience? hmmmmm ::scratches forehead::

question of the day: where is mike jones?



you guys ever hear of this site, craigslist.org?

so im being seemingly innocent, on the search for a new job. and im browsing the site with a friend. and we run across some personal ads...

.....there's some weird people in this world.


i got reacquainted with joss stone today. i love herrrrr. aaaaand i had my itunes on shuffle (always!), and i found this...yeeeeeah!!! ....takes me back to the early 90s when i danced to this for a recital lol. ahhh good ole days...

talking to gbenga last night, we realized (well more like, he realized then i was like oh snap youre right lol)...the third chump going for the presidency (i've just been informed his name is john edwards, thanks mark! i totally forgot the guys name...) is gonna win...by default. there's too many folk in middle america that wont vote for either a woman or a black guy (visit glen's blog "naturalbodilyfunction" for more reasons why barak wont win lol). sad to say this edwards guy might be el presidente...or at least the democratic candidate. smh.

a couple of things that ive been wondering about:
* why didnt vh1 do a better job of picking dudes for "i love new york"?!
*and why does vh1 have a show called "the white rapper"? like really vh1, you have no shame.
*why would you name yourself o'so krispie?
*why must i cry?

ps: read my resolutions blog. this is the year i will stop FRONTING!! smh. i still [heart] you man!