prayers for VA Tech.

I had come here to write a righteous blog and yadda yadda...but then i checked facebook.

i notice black ribbons and "VT" everywhere, so i ask a friend what is going on.

apparently there was a mass shooting today at Virgina Tech.

now i dont know anyone at Virginia Tech, but I do send out my prayers. it's such a tragedy when things like this happen. especially when innocent people are harmed and killed. as i read stories on the incident, i couldnt help but tear up. it hit home because i am a college student, and i can only imagine being in class and someone bursts in, shoots my professor in the head, and proceeds to shoot my peers. i can only imagine what's going on in the minds of the students...its a sad day indeed.

my heart goes out to them...


life is like a football game.

"life is like a football game. you see the goal, you get the ball and you run for it. then out of nowhere, you get tackled. thats how life is. you get hit from all directions...but in football, you expect it. you have to expect it in life as well. learn how to handle your problems so when youre faced with them, youre not taken back. get in a huddle and regroup..." -- my boss.

who says you can't learn anything at work. lol.

its seeming as if '07 is the year of realizations. realizing your potential and running with it. realizing your passion and making it happen. like the ms. sooo brooklyn renee eloquently put it:

"2007: A Time To Step Ya Game Up! Go Hard or Go The F*ck Home! LOL"

thats right.